Conversion of existing companies to ΙΚΕ

Limited liability companies ( Ε.Π.Ε.) can  be converted into Private Capital Companies ( IKE ), with a reduced rate of corporate majority, until 31 December 2013. The conversion does not require the  new IKE to submit an income tax return .

In particular , the General Secretariat of Public Revenue of the Ministry of Finance, proceeded to provide instructions for converting any company, despite its legal form, into a Private Capital Company , and for converting IKE companies into a company of another legal form . Note that a Private Capital Company is a new company form , which has a legal personality and is commercial , even when the objective is not a commercial enterprise .

In these mentioned cases of conversion by  Law 4072/2012 is is set that the legal personality of the company converted is continued without a dissolution of the source company occuring.

Specifically, concerning the conversion of  an existing EΠΕ into an IKE , it is stated that in order to facilitate the conversion, until December 31, 2013 , existing EΠΕ companies can be converted to ΙΚΕ, with a decision from a partners' assembly ,obtained either by a majority of at least 2 / 3 of the total number of partners , representing two thirds of the entire share capital or a majority of at least three quarters of the total capital , while clauses in the statutes that provide for greater percentages of the majority are not taken into account in this decision .